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Our cuisine is designed to have you discover traditional Italian and Tuscan dishes based on meat (such as the Florentine steak) and the products of the woods and the countryside (game, mushrooms, truffles). Our cuisine is traditonal and contemporary at the same time by proposing new interpretations. We love cooking fish and vegetables in all their varieties, exalting their flavors and taste even in simpler recipes and salads, which will surprise you for their rich and unexpected taste. Your lunch or dinner can be topped off with one of our home made desserts, created and prepared directly in our kitchen.

(Italiano) La Scoperta

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Our kitchen is a reflection of our philosophy: simple in its substance and cared for in presentation. The passion for food, for the gastronomic culture of our country and for the delicacies of this territory, continually push us to look for the best products in terms of genuineness and short distribution chain. Our pasta is home made: pappardelle, taglierini, ravioli which are served with ragù and sauces to enhance the seasonality of the products. Tuscan truffles in their different varieties are never missing. From the Terre di Baccio farm we get our vegetables, eggs, spices, wines and their incredibly green extravergin olive oil. From our travels around the Italian regions we bring back new ideas and recipes, with some exceptions to the world gastronomic classics (foie gras, Cantabrian anchovies, caviar).
You can also experience our cuisine through the cooking classes we organize at Terre di Baccio with our chef.